Hedge Cutting and Jungle Clearing

Does your garden need a bit of a blitz? Have trees, shrubs or lawns been left to run riot and you seem to have a jungle on your doorstep? Maybe you’ve just moved into the property or it’s all got a bit out of hand while you were too busy to notice. In these circumstances it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect and wonder whether you’ll ever see your garden again!

Rain-or-Shine Garden & Grounds Services can come and tame it back into shape. We can help you take control of your garden once again and restore it to its former glory. We are skilled and experienced in pruning trees to encourage revival and enhance their architectural value, or we can remove them altogether if more appropriate. You’ll be amazed at the results when the team sets to on a spot of jungle clearing, giving you light, space and the potential to establish a living work of art on a blank canvas.

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Thank you Darren and team, you did a great job
We’re really pleased. Would recommend you to anyone .See you next time.

- Angie H