Lawns and Grass areas A freshly mowed lawn with tidy edges smartens up a garden no end

Lawn Mowing

You may not want a croquet lawn or need bowling green perfection, but there’s no doubt that a freshly mowed lawn with tidy edges smartens up a garden or business premises no end. Whether you consider your lawn to be a green carpet that sets off your flower beds, a place to sit and relax and admire the view, a safe space for the children to run around, or the first thing customers see when they visit your business, we can help you make the most of it.

Mowing a lawn can feel like a chore when you’re up against time or the weather is questionable.  We have a range of mowers and equipment from which to select the best for your needs. Depending on your preference, we can achieve several styles of lawn, from long to short, traditionally striped or maybe a more adventurous pattern?

Scale is no object; we will take as much pride in perfecting your pocket handkerchief-sized lawn as we do in the grounds and playing fields that we’re experienced in maintaining.

We are very happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice to suit your outdoor space, lifestyle or business, then keep your grass in shape for years to come.

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Mr J McK Dunucan/Mrs Hamersley
I can thoroughly recommend Rain or Shine. They came to maintain the garden of my Father who was no longer able to do so himself. Seeing the garden 'reappear' in his twilight years gave him great joy and peace.
Rain or Shine were completely reliable and gave a great service.
It was a relief to me as Carer that the garden was in such capable hands.
Well done and Thank You to Darren and his team.
A 5 star rating with pleasure.
Catherine Hamersley

- Mrs Hamersley